Gojpgo.com - I want to help people, that's all I know

I built this site not knowing my exact goals. My goal in life is to help people. It has for a long time.

Having come up with so many great ideas that might help people, it becomes challenging to solidify one idea I want to stay with and build a site from. After much debate and waiting for many of the stars to align Instead, I've chosen to let you see this site come alive as I build it metaphorically "brick by brick". I think is symbolizes who I am in knowing that I am not perfect, I do not know better than the next person, but I want to be a better person and I don't think the world gets better until the people INĀ the world become the people OF the world and help each other.

Call this the first brick. I hope you find substance from what you read and discover on my site. I hope that all of it somehow contributes back. Thank you and welcome to my first step.

- JP Boranprasit