The thing about Joshua Trees

Why do I love Joshua Tree so much? Well Joshua Tree is not just an awesome U2 album, but they are actual trees that grow in wierd ways. What kind of wierd ways and they're amazing because no 2 are alike. You can only tell by the same texture.... I mean you get the idea no 2 trees are alike, but Joshua trees grow like wierd tangent lines you can stitch together. And the great part of them is that they always grow. You see some completely charred and burnt down and they still find ways to grow and thrive. I love the idea of Joshua Trees because to me they show me life. You can be knocked down, burnt up, broken, buried, but life finds a way. In a way life doesn't work your way and you don't get to choose your life. Everyone is born with some sort of damage; it's either you're rich in love and poor in the tangible or the opposite. Its on ourselves to find what completes us and makes us whole.Just like Joshua Trees, we find a way to live no matter what life gives us.